Jack Cunningham was elected district superintendent of the Virginia District in April of 2004. He is the chairman of the Virginia District Board. He has served as a member of the General Board of the United Pentecostal Church International for 21 years. He preaches and teaches in seminars, camps, conferences, and churches throughout Virginia, North America, and around the world. Along with his wife Elsy, he pastors Bible World - An Apostolic Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. Author of 13 books, including If I Can Do It Anybody Can, If You Ask Me, The Journey, and more. He is the father of one daughter, Elysa; She has one daughter, Amaris Jael.

600 Happy Acres Road
Chesapeake, Virginia 23323

Phone: 757-487-9503

Email: vadistsupt@me.com

Twitter: @IJCunningham